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Generally speaking, the term soundtrack refers to the recorded sound in a motion picture.

In terms of film formats, the soundtrack is the physical area of the film which records the synchronized sound.

The term soundtrack is also commonly used to refer to the music used in a movie, and/or to a record album sold containing that music. Sometimes, the music has been recorded just for the film or album (e.g. Saturday Night Fever), though this is rare. In 1916, Victor Schertzinger recorded the first music specifically for use in a motion picture, and releasing soundtracks of songs used in films became standard in the 1930s.

Notable Soundtracks

The Best-Selling Soundtracks

  1. The Bodyguard 1992 16 times platinum
  2. Saturday Night Fever 1977 15 times
  3. Purple Rain 1984 13 times
  4. Forrest Gump 1994 12 times
  5. (tie) Dirty Dancing 1987, Titanic 1997 11 times
  6. The Lion King 1994 10 times
  7. Top Gun 1986 9 times
  8. (Tie)Grease 1978, Footloose 1984 8 times
  9. Waiting to Exhale 1997 7 times

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