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The city of Solothurn is the capital of the Canton of Solothurn in Switzerland.

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The city calls itself Switzerland's largest Baroque City, but today there are only two baroque buildings in the city, the Jesuitenkirche and the Altes Zeughaus (old arsenal).

The old town was built between 1530 and 1792 and shows an architectural combination of Italian Grandezza, French style and Swiss ideas. In 2003, it had a population of 15,300.


Situated on the Aar river, at the foot of the Jura mountains.



There is a little more about the French Ambassador Jean Chevalley who took the post in 1530, on [1].

The Number 11

Solothurn has a special affinity to the number eleven. The Canton of Solothurn was the eleventh to become part of the Swiss Confederation. There are eleven churches and chapels, as well as eleven historical fountains and eleven towers.

The St. Ursus cathedral has eleven altars and eleven bells, and the stairs in front of the cathedral have levels between every eleven steps.

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