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Sollentuna is a municipality in central Sweden, in the county of Stockholm. The municipality covers an area of 53.1 km². Of the total population of 58048, 28600 are male, and 29448 are female as of 2001. The population density of the community is 1094 inhabitants per km². Sollentuna borders the municipalities of Solna, Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Järfälla, Upplands-Väsby, Täby and Danderyd in clockwise order starting to the south.

Sollentuna evolved around the railway between Uppsala and Stockholm which is also obvious when looking at the 8 different districts that make up sollentuna. 5 of those corresponds to railway stations now operated by commuter trains. From south to north: Helenelund, Tureberg (railway station is named Sollentuna), Häggvik, Norrviken and Rotebro. Viby is an extension of Norrviken and the 2 remaining districts - Edsberg and Sjöberg - is to be found along the road to Danderyd. Other roads into Sollentuna includes the road from Kallhäll to Rotebro and the motorway that approximates the same route as the railway.

Central to the landscape of Sollentuna are the rather big lakes Norrviken and Edsviken of which the latter is a bay of the baltic sea. Norrviken is a popular lake for ice skating during the winter. Note that Norrviken is also the name of a district at the western shore of the Norrviken lake.

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