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Solingen is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located on the northern edge of the region called Bergisches Land, south of the Ruhr area. Population: 163,600 (2001).

Solingen is called the "town of blades", since it is known for the manufacturing of knives and scissors. In medieval times the swordsmiths of Solingen coined the town's image, which is preserved to date. 90 % of German knives are produced in Solingen.

Railroad bridge "Muengstener Brücke" between Solingen and Remscheid
Solingen was first mentioned in 965. It was a tiny village for centuries, but became a fortified town in the 15th century. In World War II the Old Town was completely destroyed, so there are few sights. They include:

In May 1993 two women and three girls are murdered in an arson attack on the house of a Turkish family in Solingen (29.5.1993), seven more people severely injured. (see also Neo-Nazism)