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Soest, Netherlands

Soest (population: 44,686) is a town in the central Netherlands, in the province of Utrecht. It is located about 6 km west of Amersfoort. The municipality covers an area of 46.17 km².

The municipality of Soest also includes the following towns, villages and townships: Soestduinen, Soestdijk and Soesterberg. Soestdijk gives its name to Paleis Soestdijk, the residence of Princess Juliana, which actually lies in the municipality of Baarn.

Soest can be reached by train (every half hour) from Utrecht and Baarn.

There are many farmlands inside Soest, the biggest are in the center of the town, on a hill, and are called 'de Eng'. A nice small street is 'het Kerkepad'. The Soesterduinen, in the South, sanddunes, are worth visiting.

There is also a Soest in Germany.

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