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Soda is a term used for sodium-containing chemical compounds. Soda ash, sodium carbonate, washing soda, sal soda, sodium carbonate decahydrate, baking soda, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydroxide, and soda water are all examples. Percentage of soda expressed in analyses of chemicals is for sodium oxide (Na2O).

Soda or Soda pop is often used to refer to a soft drink.

Soda is a comic strip series by Philippe Tome (writing) and Bruno Gazzotti (art). The first two albums and the first eleven plates of the third were drawn by Luc Warnant.

The premise of the series is as far fetched as the ones that writers of US television action series and sitcom writers sometimes seem to produce in the hope to get at a sellable product. Soda is the nickname of the main character of the series, David Elliot Hanneth Solomon. Son of a policeman, he moves to New York, where he soon becomes a policeman too. But his mother must not know, because she has a weak heart, and the stress of knowing the dangers her son gets into may become too much for her, especially after she moves to New York herself. So Soda needs an alibi, and he finds that in the unlikely profession of the priest. Every morning he leaves the 23rd floor apartment in his priest's habit, to change in the rickety slow elevator, and every evening the pattern reverses.

Corny as the premise may seem, it helps to achieve a wonderful balance between the quiet and comfort of the home life, and the brutality and action of a policeman constantly chasing the dangerous elements of New York society. And sometimes the thugs find out where Soda lives, and he needs to work twice as hard to both keep the criminals away from his mother and to keep her blisfully unaware of the dangers that encroach upon her.