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Sodium carbonate



Name Sodium carbonate
Chemical formula Na2CO3
Appearance White solid


Formula weight 106.0 amu
Melting point 1124 K (851 °C)
Boiling point Decomposes at ?
Density 2.5 ×103 kg/m3
Crystal structure ?
Solubility 10.9 g in 100g water


ΔfH0liquid -1102 kJ/mol
ΔfH0solid -1131 kJ/mol
S0liquid, 1 bar ? J/mol·K
S0solid 135 J/mol·K


Ingestion May cause irritation.
Inhalation Harmful, should be avoided especially in the long term.
Skin Irritation and possible burns.
Eyes Severe irritation, injury may result.
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Sodium carbonate or soda ash, Na2CO3, is a sodium salt of carbonic acid. It is a white crystalline compound with a cooling alkaline taste, and found in the ashes of many plants. It is produced artificially in large quantities from common salt. It is used in the manufacture of: glass, chemicals such as sodium silicates and sodium phosphates, the pulp and paper industries, the manufacture of detergents and for the treatment of water. It is also used as an alkaline agent in many chemical industries.