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Snakebite is a cocktail made from lager and hard cider.

The basic snakebite is a mixture of equal parts of lager beer and cider, typically served in pint or half-pint servings. To make a snakebite and black, you first add a shot of blackcurrant cordial (crème de cassis) before mixing in the beer and cider. It has a reputation of being a "hard" drink predominantly drunk by late adolescents, but the appeal of the drink seldom lasts into maturity.

More pleasant variations can be made by using Benedictine or green Chartreuse liqueurs instead of the crème de cassis.

Snakebite, of course, refers to the bite of a poisonous snake.

Most snakes are not poisonous.

Tourniquets are not used to treat snakebite; a constrictive band intended to slow the spread of poison through the lymphatic system in a snakebite victim should be fairly loose compared to a tourniquet.

Beware of home-grown or anecdotal remedies to snakebite. Generally the best treatment is to keep the patient calm and call for help to arrange for transport to the nearest hospital emergency room. Antivenom for snakes common to the area will often be available there.

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