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Slovio language

Slovio is a written and spoken constructed language created by scientist and linguist Mark Hucko. Slovio is an international help-language created to help Slavic speakers intercommunicate. The grammar of Slovio is similar to Esperanto, but the vocabulary is derived from the most common words from Slavic languages. According to Hucko, Slovio is understandable by more than 400 million people throughout the world without any prior study of the language. The name, Slovio, comes from the pre-Slavic word "slovo" which means "word."

As of October 2003, the vocabulary of Slovio contains about 12000 words.


Slovio uses, more or less, the Latin alphabet:

a b c cx d e f g h hh hx i j jx k l m n o p r s sx t u v z zx

The sound and pronunciation of the letters are similar to Esperanto, but note the following differences:

The Slovio letters lack any diacritic markings. One would write a c together with a x as a single letter represent the ch sound. This system allows for easy transmission via computer and other communication networks without the need for any special fonts.

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