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The Slimelight Club, is the longest running Goth nightclub in the world. Its present location is Electrowerx, 7 Torrens Street, Islington, London, UK though it has had a number of other locations previously. It is a members only club, open every Saturday from 9.30-7.30am with 3 floors playing music genres such as Goth, Industrial, Techno and Noise. The building the club is situated in was an abandoned industrial complex and the club started out as a regular squat party. The club's facilities were rather basic when it was first started in the early eighties, perhaps one reason for naming the club the 'Slimelight' though this is also a parody of another London club's name that was famous at the time, The Limelight. Over the years the club has been renovated and upgraded to feature all the mod cons of a proper nightclub. The club claims a membership of around 10,000 people worldwide, and has a loyal following of regulars who go every week. Originally the club had a policy of "bring your own booze", but recently due to licensing laws the club has had to clamp down on this, and have installed 2 "proper" bars, serving a fine selection of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

The club was immortalised by the goth metal band Killing Miranda in their song The Ballad of Torrens Street.

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