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Islington is a district in London, England. The area usually referred to as Islington is only part of the London Borough of Islington. Because of its proximity to the City of London, Islington developed as a fashionable area in the nineteenth century, with large well-built houses. However changes in residential patterns led to a decline in its popularity, and by the mid-twentieth century it was largely run down. From about the 1980s the district was rediscovered, and experienced a rapid process of gentrification, becoming very popular among fashionable people, particularly of a younger generation. A number of the central figures in the New Labour movement lived there, including Tony Blair before his victory in the 1997 General Election, and the district has become synonymous with a new class of left-leaning fashionable professionals, dismissed by some as "trendies".

Knife and Packer's cartoon "It's grim up North London", published in Private Eye, satirises the stereotypical Islingtonite.