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Sixteen (16) is the natural number following fifteen and preceding seventeen.

Sixteen is a composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 2, 4 and 8. It is the fourth power of two.

Sixteen is the only integer that equals and , for some unequal integral m and n (m=4, n=2, or vice versa). It has this property because .

16 is the base of the hexadecimal number system, which is used extensively with computers.

There are sixteen ounces in a pound.

16 is the age limit for being allowed a driver's license in many US states and in Canada, and for getting an adult job in most states and provinces in those countries (as well as, complementarily, dropping out of school). It is also the age of consent for many jurisdictions around the world. For its coming-of-age signification, it has inspired the titles of many songs, such as "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen", "You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful and You're Mine", "Sweet Little Sixteen" and "Sixteen Candles", the last of which was borrowed as the title of a John Hughes movie.

There are sixteen different personality types in all in the Myers-Briggs classification system.

A note played for one-sixteenth the duration of a whole note is called a semiquaver.

Canada's Yellowhead Highway is designated as highway sixteen.

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See also: fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, integer, list of numbers.

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An activist site for lowering the voting age to 16

This article is about the number. For the year AD 16, see 16.