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Silesian Wars

The Silesian Wars were a series of wars between Prussia and Austria (and their changing allies) for control of the Silesian province.

Table of contents
1 1st Silesian War (1740-1742)
2 Peace of Wroclaw 1742
3 2nd Silesian War (1744-1745)
4 3rd Silesian War (1756-1763)

1st Silesian War (1740-1742)

Part of the War of the Austrian Succession. After 2-month campaign Prussian forces occupy Silesia, that belonges to the Czech Kingdom, part of the Austrian Empire. In 1741 the Prussian defaet the Austrians in the Battle of Malujowice near Brzeg. In the Peace of Wroclaw 1742 most of the Czech-Austrian Silesia is ceded to Prussia and is organized into the Silesian province.

The southern portion of Silesia (with Karniow, Opava and Cieszyn) remains under Habsburg controll and is called the Czech Silesia, and after 1849 the Austrian Silesia. Small portion of Polish Silesia (with Oswiecim, Zator, Zywiec and Siewierz) was not involved in this war.

Peace of Wroclaw 1742

Map of Silesia divided between Prussia, Bohemia-Austria and Poland after the Peace of Wroclaw 1742 ending the first Silesian War.

2nd Silesian War (1744-1745)

The Austrians attempt to get-back the lost province. The peace of Dresden confirmes the Prussian possessions in Silesia.

3rd Silesian War (1756-1763)

This is a part of the all European Seven Years' War, Austria tries to get back Silesia for the second time, but is abandoned by her ally Russia. Prussia confirmes her Silesian possesions for the next 150 years.