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Shinbashi Station

Shinbashi Station (新橋駅; -eki) is a major interchange station in Tokyo's Minato Ward.

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Shinbashi is the original terminus of Japan's first stretch of railway, the Tōkaidō Main Line, and is one of Japan's oldest stations (the oldest station being Shinagawa a few kilometres down the line).

The original Shinbashi Station, opened on October 10, 1872, was built some way to the east of the modern-day structure and was known as 新橋停車場 (Shinbashi Teishajō).

With the extension of the Tōkaidō Main Line along the modern-day route to the new terminus at Tokyo Station, the original station structure was demolished to make way for a goods yard (汐留駅, Shiodome Station). This in turn fell into disuse during the 1980s and has only recently been redeveloped as a commercial district with a number of large office blocks.

The site was declared a national monument in 1996 and the area was archeologically investigated. In 2003 a reconstruction of the original station building and part of the platforms was completed. This houses railway history exhibition and a restaurant.

Adjacent Stations

Keihin-Tōhoku Line Yūrakuchō Shinbashi Hamamatsuchō
Tōkaidō Line Tokyo Shinbashi Shinagawa
Yamanote Line Yūrakuchō Shinbashi Hamamatsuchō
Yokosuka Line Tokyo Shinbashi Shinagawa