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Shangchuan Island

Shangchuan Island (上川镇, Schangschwan, Sancian, Chang-Chuang, St. John's Island) is an island of the South China Sea, on the southern coast of China, part of the Guangdong province. It is located 14 km from the mainland.

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Administratively, Shangchuan is one of the 20 townships of Taishan.


Shangchuan Island was one of the first bases established by the Portuguese off the China coast, during the 16th century. They abandoned this base after they occupied Macau in 1557.

The Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier died there on December 2, 1552, on his way to Guangzhou.


Latitude : 21.70 N
Longitude : 112.78 E

The island is isolated from the mainland since the last ice age. It is located near Xiachuan Island.

Cities include: Dalangwan, Shadi.


Shangchuan and Xiachuan have been establihed as a Tourism Open Integrated Experimental Zones (旅游开发综合试验区)

Feisha Beach Resort is located on the eastern shore of the island.

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