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Semi-automatic rifle

A semi-automatic rifle is a type of rifle that, when the trigger is pulled, fires a bullet and loads another cartridge from a magazine, without the need to operate a bolt or other loading mechanism. It is distinguished from fully automatic rifles in that it only fires once each time the trigger is pulled.

The mechanisms used to achieve this automatic reload tend to be similar to those in automatic rifless. Many automatic rifles can be put into semi-automatic "modes of fire" (or, alternatively, some can be set to fire a three round burst). Similarly, some semi-automatic rifles are commonly believed to be easily converted to full automatic fire. Such perceived (but generally false, as well as highly illegal) easy conversions have attracted the attention of gun-control advocates, as nominally semi-automatic rifles are much more freely available than fully-automatic ones in many jurisdictions.

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= Types of Semi-automatic rifles, by country and/or designer: =

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