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The TAVOR is an Israeli rifle. The TAVOR accepts the standard NATO magazine and ammunition. The rifle is in the "bullpup" configuration the same as the French FAMAS, British SA-80 and the Australian made Steyr AUG copy. Bullpup rifles have their magazine well placed after the pistol grip and trigger not before, like a conventional rifle - a layout that shortens the overall length, but does not sacrifice barrel length.

In theory the TAVOR provides carbine length, but rifle accuracy. Seen by some as "futuristic", the bullpup has actually been around since at least the 1970s. Initial results have been favorable, but the battle proven and widely issued Colt M16 and it's variants are not going anywhere soon - their unit purchase price is about one third that of the TAVOR. Israel has yet to field the weapon in large quantities, although it has been seen in use by their special forces

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