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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Scrophulariales
Family: Scrophulariaceae
  Agalinis Raf. -- false foxglove
  Alectra Thunb.
  Amphianthus Torr.
  Angelonia Humb. & Bonpl. -- angelon
  Antirrhinum L. -- snapdragon
  Aureolaria Raf. -- false foxglove
  Bacopa Aubl. -- water hyssop, waterhyssop
  Bartsia L.
  Bellardia All. -- lineseed
  Besseya Rydb. -- kittentail
  Brachystigma Pennell -- desert foxglove
  Buchnera L. -- bluehearts
  Calceolaria L. -- slipperwort
  Capraria L.
  Castilleja Mutis -- Indian paintbrush
  Chaenorhinum Reichenb. -- dwarf snapdragon
  Chaenorrhinum Reichenb.
  Chelone L. -- turtlehead
  Chionophila Benth. -- snowlover
  Collinsia Nutt. -- blue eyed Mary, blue-eyed Mary
  Cordylanthus Nutt. -- bird's beak, bird's-beak
  Cymbalaria Hill
  Dasistoma Raf.
  Digitalis L. -- foxglove
  Diplacus Nutt. -- bush monkeyflower
  Dopatrium Buch.-Ham.
  Epixiphium Munz
  Euphrasia L. -- eyebright
  Galvezia Dombey
  Gambelia Nutt. -- greenbright
  Glossostigma Wight & Arn.
  Gratiola L. -- hedge hyssop, hedgehyssop
  Hebe Comm.
  Hemianthus Nutt.
  Holmgrenanthe Elisens -- rocklady
  Howelliella Rothm.
  Keckiella Straw
  Kickxia Dumort. -- cancerwort, kickxia
  Lagotis Gaertn.
  Lendneria Minod
  Leucophyllum Bonpl. -- barometerbush
  Leucospora Nutt.
  Limnophila R. Br. -- marshweed
  Limosella L. -- mudwort
  Linaria P. Mill. -- toadflax
  Lindernia All. -- false pimpernel
  Lophospermum D. Don
  Mabrya Elisens
  Macranthera Nutt.
  Maurandella Rothm.
  Maurandya Ortega
  Mazus Lour.
  Mecardonia Ruiz & Pavón
  Melampyrum L. -- cowwheat
  Micranthemum Michx. -- mudflower
  Mimetanthe Greene
  Mimulus L. -- monkey-flower, monkeyflower
  Misopates Raf.
  Mohavea Gray
  Nemesia Vent.
  Neogaerrhinum Rothm.
  Nothochelone Straw
  Nuttallanthus D.A. Sutton -- toadflax
  Odontites Ludwig
  Orobanche L.
  Orthocarpus Nutt. -- owl's-clover, owlclover
  Parentucellia Viviani -- glandweed
  Paulownia Sieb. & Zucc.
  Pedicularis L. -- lousewort
  Penstemon Schmidel -- beard tongue, beardtongue
  Pseudorontium Rothm.
  Rehmannia Libosch.
  Rhinanthus L. -- rattleweed, yellowrattle
  Russelia Jacq.
  Sairocarpus D.A. Sutton -- snapdragon
  Schistophragma Benth.
  Schwalbea L. -- schwalbea
  Scoparia L. -- licorice weed
  Scrophularia L. -- figwort
  Seymeria Pursh -- black senna
  Stemodia L. -- twintip
  Striga Lour. -- witchweed
  Synthyris Benth. -- kittentails
  Tonella Nutt.
  Torenia L.
  Triphysaria Fisch. & C.A. Mey. -- owl's-clover
  Verbascum L. -- mullein
  Veronica L. -- speedwell
  Veronicastrum Heister
and about 200 more.
Ref: ITIS 33005
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Scrophulariaceae is a family of plants, comprising 292 genera and about 4000 species.

In such a large family you'll find many medicinal plants, among them:

There are also half- and full parasites, among them And gardeners will recognize Anthirrhinum, snapdragons, which include the spectacularly ornamental annuals, Antirrhinum majus.

Tight-lipped species of both Antirrhinums and Linarias can be made to open their jaws by pressing on the hinges of single plucked flowers. This is fascinating to both kids and playful adults, especially when accompanied by appropriate sound effects: "woof woof" for the smaller Linarias, and lionlike roars for the larger Antirrhinums.

Orobanche is sometimes found in its own family, Orobanchaceae.