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Division (biology)

In biology the equivalent of a phylum in the plant or fungi kingdom is called a division.

The main plant divisions in the order in which they probably evolved, are the bryophytes (Division Bryophyta), the ferns (Division Filicophyta), the horsetails (Division Sphenophyta), the gymnosperms (Division Coniferophyta), and the angiosperms (Division Anthophyta), as well as the ginkgoes (Division Ginkgophyta).

Bryophytes are also known as the mosses.

Gymnosperms consist of conifers and such plants that have sperm made by pollen grains.

Angiosperms are the flowering plants that now dominate the plant world (80% of all plant are angiosperms).

In biology, the word "division" can also refer to cell division.