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Science fiction film

Science fiction film is "a film genre which emphasizes actual, extrapolative, or speculative science and the empirical method, interacting in a social context with the lesser emphasized, but still present, transcendentalism of magic and religion, in an attempt to reconcile man with the unknown" (Sobchak 63).

This definition assumes that a continuum exists between empiricism and transcendentalism with science fiction film on the side of empiricism and horror film and fantasy film on the side of transcendentalism.

Visual Style

The visual style of science fiction film can be characterized by a clash between alien and familiar images. This clash is implemented in the following ways:

  1. Alien images become familiar
  2. Familiar images become alien
    • In Dr. Strangelove, the distortion of the humans make the familiar images seem more alien.
  3. Alien and familiar images are juxtaposed

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