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Saskatchewan general election, 2003

The province of Saskatchewan, Canada conducted a general election on November 5, 2003, to elect the 58 members of the Saskatchewan Legislature (MLAs). The election was called on October 8 by Premier Lorne Calvert.

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The Saskatchewan New Democrats were widely seen to be hampered going into the election, having been buffeted by controversy on a number of issues. The populace was seen as disgruntled after a mediocre harvest and a disastrous summer for cattle producers - the American border had been closed to Canadian beef due to fears of mad cow disease.

Election issues included outmigration, privatization of transit and energy supplies, and utility rates.

During the campaign, the NDP was attacked for an internal cartoon, depicting Saskatchewan Party leader Elwin Hermanson loading NDP sympathizers onto rail cars, was leaked to the press. The cartoon referred to speculation that Hermanson would replace New Democratic civil servants with Saskatchewan Party supporters if elected.


Party Standings
Party Leader Pre-election seats Results
Seats % of votes cast
Saskatchewan New Democrats (winner) Lorne Calvert (returned to office) 28 30 46.4%
Saskatchewan Party Elwin Hermanson 26 28 39.41%
Liberal Party of Saskatchewan David Karwacki 2 0 14.21%
Western Independence Party of Saskatchewan Bruce Ritter 0 0 0.6%
New Green Alliance Party of Saskatchewan Ben Webster 0 0 0.6%
Independent n/a 2 0 0.5%
Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan 0 0 0.2%

Unlike many of the other provincial elections held in 2003, the election was widely regarded as too close to call up until a large proportion of the polls had reported. The NDP's fourth straight win, with a majority government no less, surprised observers, who believed the NDP would be worse affected by the poor pre-election conditions. All of its cabinet ministers were reelected, except for two who had defected from the Liberals.

After Elwin Hermanson proved unable to lead his party to more gains upon the NDP, he resigned as leader on November 18.

Although speculation was riding high that they could form the balance of power in the case of a minority government, the Liberals lost both of their two seats.

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