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The factual accuracy of this article is disputed: see talk:Sanacja

Sanacja was a Nationalist coalition party of the Second Polish Republic in the interwar years. It was created following the aftermath of the First World War by Jozef Pilsudski.

The party was formed in response to growing polarization of Polish politics following Pilsudski's return to Warsaw at the end of the First World War. It represented a coalition of members from the right, such as the National Democracts, the left, such as the PPS and the Populist Party, and centrists, such as the Piast Peasant Party. Its main focus was to eliminate corruption within Poland, and to minimize inflation.

The first Sanacja government was formed during the May 1926 reforms of the Second Polish Republic. The progressive government that followed was headed by Naczelnik Jozef Pilsudski until his death in 1935. Sanacja continued to govern Poland until the Nazi invasion of 1 September, 1939. It subsequently was forced into exile with the entire Polish government to London. Following the war, the communist regime established in Poland branded members of Sanacja, and other patriotic organizations such as KPN and AK, as traitors and outlaws. The party therefore never returned to its home, and many of its members moved to the United States.