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San (or santo) is the Spanish word for saint, as in San Francisco (Saint Francis) and San Diego. San is used as a title only, whereas santo is the regular usage (as in «él es un santo» or "he is a saint") or a title (as in Santo Domingo).

San is also a river in Southern Poland.

A SAN is a Storage Area Network in computing.

San is the fictional girl raised by a wolf goddess in Miyazaki Hayao's animated movie Princess Mononoke - the movie's title is a name by which she is also known.

The San peoples of South Africa and neighbouring Botswana, who live in the Kalahari, are part of the Khoisan group and are related to the Khoi. However, they have no collective name for themselves in any of their languages. They strongly object to being called San, a term applied to them by their ethnic relatives and historic rivals the Khoi; the term carries the same baggage in Southern Africa that the word Nigger carries in the United States. They prefer to be called Bushmen, despite the fact that the term is considered politically incorrect by most Westerners.