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Rushmore (movie)

Rushmore is a 1998 movie directed by Wes Anderson. The film is about Max Fischer (played by Jason Schwartzman), a 15 year old whose sole ambition is to attend Rushmore Academy, a private school. He is inspired by Herman J. Blume (played by Bill Murray), a rich industrialist who gives a speech at the school and has two boys who attend there. Max is known to be very active in extracurricular activities, but is a poor student. As a result of this, he is put on academic probation. At around the same time, he meets Rosemary Cross (played by Olivia Williams), an elementary school teacher that Max finds himself infatuated with. Unfortunately for Max, Miss Cross does not share the same sentiments, and a love triangle forms when Mr. Blume begins to have the same feelings for her that Max has. Max and Mr. Blume begin to become rivals, and the two find themselves warring with one another for the effections of Miss Cross.

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