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Rurik, Riurik or Rörek was a Varangian (Viking) who gained control of Novgorod in 862. Nationality of Rurik is disputed: he is often considered Swede, but there are many good reasons to suppose the Rurik and Danish Rörek of Jutland is the same person; due to close ties between Varangians and Slavs, there are also theories that he was ethnically Slav and Scandinavian. There is debate over how Rurik came to control Novgorod. The later chronicles state that he was invited in by the local tribes who wanted order, but many scholars consider this unlikely. He probably invited himself. Rurik remained in power until his death in 879. His successors (the Rurik Dynasty), however, moved the capital to Kiev and founded the state of Kievan Rus, which persisted until 1240. The ruling dynasty of this state is named Riurikovich, after Rurik.

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