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Running Back

A running back, or halfback is the position of a player on an American football team who lines up in the offensive backfield. Depending on the offensive formation, the halfback may be joined in the backfield by other backs, most commonly a fullback.

The halfback is responsible for carrying the ball on the majority of running plays and is used frequently as a receiver on passing plays. When not serving either of these functions, the primary responsibility of a halfback is to block, either to protect the quarterback or another back.

A fullback carries the ball infrequently. On most running plays, the fullback leads the halfback, attempting to block potential tacklers. Fullbacks are sometimes used in passing plays, although they typically protect the quarterback.

Halfback is one of the most glamorous positions on the field. A good running back is commonly viewed as a requirement for a team's success. Due to the infrequency with which a fullback carries the ball, the fullback position is less glamorous, if possibly of equal importance.

The following running backs, halfbacks, and fullbacks are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

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