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Pro Football Hall of Fame

Rather than naming its hall of fame the "NFL Hall of Fame", the National Football League calls it the Pro Football Hall of Fame, even though its displays and inductees are dominated by NFL teams and players. The Hall is located in Canton, Ohio, the birthplace of the NFL in 1920. The first Board of Selectors was comprised of sportswriters from the fourteen cities with NFL teams. Although there were eight American Football League teams in existence at the time, none of them were represented. Several of the first selectors had previously been on the NFL payroll as officials or executives. Dick McCann, long-time general manager of the Washington Redskins, was named the hall's first director on April 4, 1962. Redskins owner George Preston Marshall was among the first inductees announced on January 29, 1963. The building opened in Canton, Ohio on September 7, 1963 with 17 charter inductees.

Inductees into the hall of fame are listed below. Each entry includes the year of induction and the span of time spent with the team. When a person significantly contributed to more than one club, he is listed repeatedly (e.g., George Blanda is listed with the Chicago Bears, Houston Oilers (now the Tennessee Titans) and Oakland Raiders). This is somewhat ironic, since the Bears thought Blanda was "washed up" when they released him in 1958, and he has no love lost for them (see "NFL Rejects"). Because of the financial support of the hall by the NFL, and because the initial members of its board of selectors were from NFL cities only, the NFL preference of the hall is evident to this day, and some American Football League players with excellent credentials have been excluded. Reinforcing the contention that the selection process is flawed, was the belated selection of the great AFL coach Hank Stram a full nine years after the induction of Bud Grant, the NFL coach that Stram's team defeated in Super Bowl IV.

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1 Arizona Cardinals
2 Buffalo Bills
3 Chicago Bears
4 Cincinnati Bengals
5 Cleveland Browns
6 Dallas Cowboys
7 Detroit Lions
8 Green Bay Packers
9 Indianapolis Colts
10 Kansas City Chiefs
11 Miami Dolphins
12 Minnesota Vikings
13 New England Patriots
14 New Orleans Saints
15 New York Giants
16 New York Jets
17 Oakland Raiders
18 Philadelphia Eagles
19 Pittsburgh Steelers
20 Saint Louis Rams
21 San Diego Chargers
22 San Francisco 49ers
23 Seattle Seahawks
24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
25 Tennessee Titans
26 Washington Redskins
27 Defunct Clubs
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Arizona Cardinals

(Chicago Cardinals - 1920-1959; St. Louis Cardinals - 1960-1987; Phoenix Cardinals - 1988-1993)

Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears

(Decatur Staleys - 1920; Chicago Staleys - 1921)

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Dallas Cowboys

Detroit Lions

(Portsmouth Spartans - 1930-1933)

Green Bay Packers

Indianapolis Colts

(Baltimore Colts - 1953-1983)

Kansas City Chiefs

(Dallas Texans - 1960-1962)

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings

New England Patriots

(Boston Patriots - 1960-1970)

New Orleans Saints

New York Giants

New York Jets

(New York Titans - 1960-1962)

Oakland Raiders

(Los Angeles Raiders - 1982-1994)

Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers

(Pittsburgh Pirates - 1933-1940)

Saint Louis Rams

(Cleveland Rams - 1937-1945; Los Angeles Rams - 1946-1994)

San Diego Chargers

(Los Angeles Chargers - 1960)

San Francisco 49ers

Seattle Seahawks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tennessee Titans

(Houston Oilers - 1960-1996; Tennessee Oilers - 1997-1998)

Washington Redskins

(Boston Braves - 1932; Boston Redskins - 1933-1936)

Defunct Clubs

Brooklyn Dodgers 1930-1944

Canton Bulldogs 1920-1923

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