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Run Run Shaw

Sir Run Run Shaw (邵逸夫, original name 邵仁楞, born 1907) is a film producer in Hong Kong. He was born and raised in China but received education in schools run by Americans.

During the summer vacation at age 19, he followed his third elder brother Sun Me Shaw to Singapore to start a film market there. He developed deep interest in movie business since. He and his brother founded the South Seas Film in 1930, which later became Shaw Studio.

In 1980s, he started to invest in Hong Kong TVB and became the chairman of the board of the multi-billion dollar TV empire.

In 1974, Queen Elizabeth II granted him an MBE. He received his knighthood in 1977.

His wife died at age 85 in 1987. Shaw studio stopped filming in the same year.

He remarried in Las Vegas in 1997. He received a medal from the Hong Kong government in 1998.

Over the years, he has donated billions of dollar to charity, schools and hospitals. His name is on many buildings in Hong Kong due to his generous donations.

He recently established an international award for scientists in three areas of research, namely astronomy, mathematics, and life & medical science. The award is up to one million US dollars. The press called it the "Nobel Prize of the East". The first prize will be awarded in 2004.

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