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Robin of Sherwood

Robin of Sherwood, retitled Robin Hood in the US, was a 1980s British television series, based on the legend of Robin Hood. It was made by HTV in association with Goldcrest, and ran from 1984 to 1986. The series, created by Richard Carpenter, had a new age feel. There were two series comprising a 2-hour pilot and 24 hour-long episodes. The pilot is sometimes screened as two 1-hour episodes. It was shot almost entirely on location, mostly in the north and west of England.

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

Michael Praed played Robin Hood (or Robin of Loxley) in the first two seasons. His "Merry Men" consisted of Will Scarlet (played by Ray Winstone), Little John (played by Clive Mantle), Friar Tuck (played by Phil Rose) his adopted brother Much (played by Peter Llewellyn Williams), the Saracen Nasir (played by Mark Ryan) and Lady Marian (played by Judi Trott). As in the legend, Robin is opposed by the Sheriff of Nottingham (Nickolas Grace) and Sir Guy of Gisburne (Robert Addie). Robin is assisted by Herne the Hunter, a forest spirit who represented the powers of light and goodness.

At the end of the second season, Robin of Loxley is killed and Robert of Huntingdon (played by Jason Connery) replaces him as Robin Hood. During the course of the season, Robin discovers that he is the half-brother of his nemesis Guy of Gisburne.

The soundtrack for Robin of Sherwood was done by Clannad.