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Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw (August 9, 1927 - August 28, 1978) was an English actor and writer. His best-known film performances include Henry VIII in A Man for All Seasons (1966) Doyle Lonegan in The Sting (1973) and Quint in Jaws (1975).

He was an accomplished writer as well as a respected actor, adapting his own novel The Man in the Glass Booth for the stage but asking for his credit to be removed from the filmed version.

He played "the Priest" in the beautifully named A Town Called Bastard (1971).


Based on information from The Internet Movie Database


Robert Shaw (1916 - 1999) was a renowned conductor of vocal music most famous for his work with his namesake Choir and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

In 1941 he founded the "Collegiate Chorale", a group notable in its day for its racial integration. The group performed Beethoven's 9th symphony with the NBC symphony and Arturo Toscanini, who referred to Shaw as 'The Maestro I have been looking for'

He went on to found the Robert Shaw Chorale in 1949, a group which produced numerous recordings and visited 30 countries in tours sponsored by the U.S. State Department. From 1967-1988 he was musical director and conductor of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. After 1988 he continued to conduct and teach in a series of summer festivals and week-long Carnegie Hall workshops for choral conductorss and singers.

Shaw received 16 Grammy awards and was a 1991 recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors.