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A remix is an alternative mix of a song, often radically different from the original, and usually incorporating elements of dance music. It is often used to create an upbeat version of a song for playing by disc jockeys in nightclubs.

In addition to dance remixes, many R&B, pop, and rap artists use remixes and alternate versions of songs and "featured" guest stars, in order to give them new life, or to make them a hit if they're failing.

Recently, the album J to tha L-O! the Remixes debuted at number one, a first for an all-remixes album.

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Examples of popular remixes

Remix companies

Several companies hire DJs to remix songs, which are then sold on compilation albums or released as singles.


A megamix is a remix containing multiple songs in rapid succession. Ultimix is the most well-known for these, producing at least one or two every
year based on popular songs of the year. Each "flashback medley" is about 15 minutes long, usually with at least that many songs if not more. The "artist megamix" is also popular, with some of the more popular ones (Madonna (singer), Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys) having more than one, usually from different remix companies. Hip-hop mixes are released under the Funkymix name.

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