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Reliant was an auto manufacturer based in Tamworth, England which is notable for building Glass Fibre three wheeled cars, such as the Reliant Robin, Reliant Regal, Reliant Rialto and parts supplier for the 1970s Bond Bug

Reliant also built a four wheeled version of the Reliant Robin called the Reliant Kitten ; the forerunner to this was the Reliant Rebel and during the 1980s a utility / pickup vehicle called the Reliant Fox. They also made a small 3 wheeled commercial vehicle called the Reliant TW9 , later sold by other companies as the Ant, which was basically a Chassis / Cab onto which a custom rear body was fitted and used by many public utility companies.

Most of these quirky and distinctly British small cars used Europe's first mass-produced lightweight aluminium alloy engine, initially 598 cc but enlarged through the years to a final 848 cc in 1975. (Early Reliant three-wheelers used an engine derived from the 747cc 1930s Austin Seven ). Reliant's own aluminium alloy engine is also used as the required (preferred?) replacement for the Austin Seven engine by the 750 motor Club in their Formula 750 motor sport.

There is a 'Preservation Society' for all the four wheeled cars called the Reliant Kitten Register which also caters for many homebuilt and limited production 'specials' based upon the 4 wheeler components.

Reliant have also produced sports cars, including the Reliant Sabre, Reliant Scimitar GT, Reliant Scimitar GTE and Reliant SS1

Reliant's expertise in the area of Glass Fibre car body production have also seen them produce lightweight body shells for Ford RS200 Rally cars and new Glass Fibre Bodied London Taxis, the MetroCab - the first to have full wheelchair provision, and currently manufactured by a division of Kamkorp.

Reliant now concentrates on importing "speciality" vehicles from European manufacturers, including Piaggio, Bultaco and Ligier.

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Reliant is also an electricity corporation, formally known as Houston Power & Light.