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German Chur (khoor), Romansh Cuera (KWAY-rah) or Cuoira (KWOI-rah), Italian Coira (KOI-rah)

Capital of the Swiss canton of Graubünden.
Inhabitants: 33,500.
Languages: Swiss German, Italian, Romansh.

Chur derives its name from Celtic kora, koria, "clan, tribe."
Capital of the Roman province of Rhaetia Prima in 15 BC.
When Graubünden became a canton in 1803 Chur was chosen to become its capital.

The highlights of Chur are the Romano-Gothic cathedral where lie the remains of the Swiss patriot Jürg Jenatsch, the Bishop's château (Bischöflicher Hof) and the church of St. Luzius. In this town you may also visit the Giger Bar designed by the swiss artist H. R. Giger.

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