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Redstone (rocket)


Redstone launching Freedom 7.
1Engines1 * A-6
Thrust78,000 lbs
Burn time~155 sec
ISP265 sec
Payload to 175 miles3,580 kg

First launched in 1953, the American Redstone rocket was a direct descendant of the German V-2.

A product of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency at Redstone Arsenal, it was designed as a surface-to-surface missile for the U.S. Army and was first deployed in 1958. The Redstone was capable of flights up to 200 miles. It burned alcohol and liquid oxygen.

The Jupiter (rocket) was a direct decendant of the Redstone. Many believe the U.S could have beaten the Soviet Union into space if the AMBA had been allowed to attempt a satellite launch with the Jupiter-C (rocket).

Redstone was also responsible for the following launches in the U.S. space program:

Redstone production was halted in late 1964.

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