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Raymond II of Tripoli

Raymond II of Tripoli (c. 1115-1152) was count of Tripoli from 1137 to 1152.

He was the son of Pons of Tripoli and Cecile of France. In 1137 he married Hodierna of Rethel, daughter of Baldwin II, king of Jerusalem. He succeeded his father later that year, after Pons who was killed in a battle with Damascus. In 1142 he established the Knights Hospitaller as a force in the County, donating to them Krak des Chevaliers, an enormous fortress on the road from Damascus to the Mediterranean Sea, as well as other smaller castles. The Hospitallers were virtually independent in the County and were often responsible for the protection of Tripoli's borders, which were often raided by Damascus and the forces of Zengi of Aleppo and Mosul.

Raymond often quarrelled with Hodierna, and Hodierna's sister Melisende was invited to mediate in 1152. Soon after they were reconciled, Raymond was murdered by Hashshashin and was succeeded by his son Raymond III. He was the first non-Muslim they had killed, partly in response to Raymond's establishment of the Hospitallers in the County.

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County of Tripoli Succeeded by:
Raymond III