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Raw Toonage

Raw Toonage is a half hour Disney animated cartoon series aired on the ABC network in the fall of 1992. Twelve episodes total were produced.

The show was a proving ground of sorts for never before seen Disney characters, with shows like Marsupilami; He's Bonkers; and, Shnookums and Meat. The show also featured a poupourri parody of music videos: Totally Tasteless Videos.

Raw Toonage typically opened with an introduction by a famous character from Disney (such as Donald Duck, or Goofy), who attempted to share some of their expertise with the audience; then the show had a few of the above mentioned shorts chained in a row, rounding out the half hour.

Several of the cartoons in Raw Toonage were ultimately spun off into their own Disney series:

The unique character set was not enough to maintain the series and its ratings, and it was cancelled after one half season.