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Quodpot is a fictitious game from the Harry Potter universe, that is variant of Quidditch, popular in the USA and the Western Hemisphere and as a minority Europe. Quidditch is gaining popularity in the United States. Quodpot has never been mentioned in the books, but in Quidditch Through the Ages. Thus it is still considered canon.


In the 18th century, Abraham Peasegood brought a Quaffle with him from Europe and intended to start a Quidditch team. According to legend, Peasegood's Quaffle accidentally came into contact with the tip of a wand in his trunk. Thus, when he took it out and began to throw it around, it exploded.

Peasegood recreated this the effect on series of leather balls and invented a new sport: Quodpot.


There are 11 players on a side in Quodpot. They throw the Quod, or modified Quaffle, from player to player, atempting to get it into the "pot" at the end of the pitch before it exploded. Any player in possession of the Quod when it explodes is disqualified. Once the Quod is in the "pot" (a caldron containing a solution which prevents it from exploding), the scorer's team is awarded a point and a new Quod is brought onto the pitch.