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Queen's Park (Toronto)

Queen's Park is an historic green space in central Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This scenic park is also home to the Ontario Legislative Assembly and seat of the Government of Ontario.

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Queen's Park is an oval-shaped park straddled by the University of Toronto to the east and west. Located at the north end of University Avenue, it is circumnavigated by Queen's Park Crescent, and bisected east-to-west by Wellesley Street West. The park is officially owned by the university but is leased from them for a dollar per year.


Queen's Park was named in 1860 in honour of Queen Victoria, by Edward, Prince of Wales (Edward VII). The Legislature was opened in 1892.


Ontario Legislature (R. A. Waite, 1892)
The south end of Queen's Park is home to the captivating Ontario Legislative Building. Designed by Richard Waite, it was completed in 1892. The building is in the
Richardsonian Romanesque style; Waite took advantage of its iron-frame construction to provide an uncharacteristically large number of windows, including a rose window! A large open area exists in front of the legislature, and is often used for public gatherings and demonstrations.

The 48th Highlanders War Memorial can be found at the north end of the Park.

The Royal Ontario Museum is just a short walk to the north of the Park, and the University of Toronto is to the east and west. During the year the park is usually full of students heading to class. At night the park is often populated by students indulging in illegal substances that are banned on campus.


Monuments to the following important figures and events can be found gracing the Park:


As well as being a beautiful park in the heart of the city, Queen's Park is also the seat of the Ontario Government. The Government is often referred to, by
metonymy, as "Queen's Park".


Queen's Park is at the north end of University Avenue, and is easily accessed by road. The park is encircled by Queen's Park Crescent, and to the north a street named Queen's Park runs the short distance to Bloor Street; north of Bloor it continues as Avenue Road.

The Queen's Park station on the TTC subway Yonge-University-Spadina line serves the Park as well. Museum station is just north of the park. The 5 Avenue Road and 94 Wellesley bus routes and the 506 Carlton streetcar route also serve the park.