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Matilda McDuck

Matilda McDuck is a fictional character of the Scrooge McDuck universe. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 1871 to Fergus McDuck and Downy ODrake. She had an older half-brother named Rumpus McFowl and an older brother named Scrooge McDuck. She would have a younger sister named Hortense McDuck and a younger half-brother named Gideon McDuck, In contrast to Scrooge's and Hortense's fiery tempers, she was always amazingly calm. On 1902 Scrooge returned to Scotland and took both of his sisters with him.When he established his homebase in Duckburg, Calisota, United States he left her and their sister to run his empire from 1902 till 1930. In the meantime he traveled the world expanding his financial empire. On 1930 a fight with Scrooge ended all relationships between him and his family and she retired. Some time later she maried the Austrian professor Ludwig Von Drake. She presumabely had died by 1948 because on this year Scrooge claimed he was the last McDuck.