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In Egyptian mythology, Ptah ("creator") is a creator god and patron deity of Memphis, Egypt, as well as craftsmen. Unlike Sokar, another crafts god, Ptah was associated with stone-based crafts. Apis was his oracle. Later, he was combined with Seker and Osiris to create Ptah-Seker-Osiris. As Tanen, Ptah was known as a chthonic deity.

He is married to Sekhmet or (more rarely) Bastet. His children included Nefertem, Mihos, Imhotep and Maahes. In some myths, he created Ra as well.

In art, he is portrayed as a mummified man with his hands holding a sceptre adorned with an ankh, was and djed (symbols of life, power and stability, respectively). Often he wore a skullcap.

Alternative: Ta-tenen, Tanen, Tathenen