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Przemysl II of Poland

Przemysł II (1257 died 1296), was a duke of Poznan, Greater Poland, Cracow and Pomerania, and King of Poland from 1295 until his death.

He was born to Przemysl I, duke of Greater Poland, and Elisabeth, daughter of Henry II the Pious of Silesia

born: 14 October 1257
Realm of power:
1277-1296 Duke of Poznan
1279-1296 Duke of Greater Poland
1290-1291 Duke of Cracow (Littele Poland)
1294-1996 Duke of Pomerania
1295-1996 King of Poland
died 8 February 1296 (murdered)

Maried to:
(1) 1273 Ludgarda of Mecklenburg, daughter of Henry I the Pilgrim, duke of Mecklenburg; no children;
(2) 1285 Ryksa of Sweden, daughter of Waldemar, duke of Sweden
one daughter: Ryksa Elizabeth of Greater Poland;
(3) 1293 Margaret of Brandenburg, daughter of Albert III, markgrave of Brandenburg; no children;

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Before 1277 he became a duke of Poznan, and after the death of his uncle Boleslaus the Pious in 1279 he became the duke of whole of Greater Poland. According to the Treaty of Kepno (1282) he was the co-ruler of Mestwin II, duke of Eastern Pomerania (Gdansk) and in 1294 his successor successor in Gdansk. In 1287 this alliace was extended to duke Boguslaw IV of Western Pomerania.

According to the last will of Henry IV Probus, duke of Silesia and high-duke of Poland, he inherited in 1290 the provinces of Cracow and Sandomierz (both were called Lesser Poland), but soon ceded them to Venceslas II of Bohemia. As he was the strongest Polish duke of the time, possessed the royal insignia from Cracow, and had support of the clergy for the unification of Poland, he was crowned king of Poland in 1295 by the archbishop of Gniezno, Jakub Świnka, and 5 other bishops.

In 1296 he was kidnapped and murdered in Rogozno, by the men of electors of Brandenburg with some help of Polish noble families of Nalecz and Zareba. His kingship was short but the revived kingdom survided for the next 500 years.

Preceded by:
Henry IV Probus
List of Polish rulers Succeeded by:
Wenceslaus II of Bohemia

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