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Boleslaus the Pious

Boleslaus the Pious (born after 1221, died 1279), was a duke of Greater Poland (provinces of Poznan, Kalisz, Gniezno)

He was born to Ladislaus Odonic Plwacz, duke of Greater Poland, and Jadwiga of Pomerania, daughter of Mestwin II, duke of Eastern Pomerania.

Born: after 1221
Realm of power:
1239-1247 Duke of Greater Poland, together with his brother Przemysl I
1247-1249 Duke of Kalisz
1249-1250 Duke of Gniezno
1250-1253 deprived of power
1253-1257 Duke of Kalisz and Gniezno
1257-1277 Duke of Greater Poland
1277-1279 Duke of Kalisz and Gniezno
Died 13 April 1279

Maried to: (1257) Jolenta-Helen of Hungary, daughter of Bela IV, king of Hungary;
Childeren: no son, only daughters

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