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Prusias I of Bithynia

Prusias I Chlorus (c.230 BC - 182 BC) was the king of Bithynia. The son of Ziaelas, he formed a marriage alliance with Philip V of Macedonia.

Prusias fuoght a war against Byzantium (220 BC), then defeated the Gauls that Nicomedes I had invited across the Bosporus (218). He expanded the territories of Bithynia in a series of wars against Attalus I of Peramum and Heraclea on the Black Sea. Philip V granted him the ports of Cius and Myrleia in 202, which he renamed Pruisas and Apameia respectively.

Although he granted sanctuary to Hannibal, he remained neutral during Rome's war with Antiochus III the Great.

He was succeeded by his son Prusias II.

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