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A procedure is a series of activities, tasks, steps, calculations, decisions and other processes, that when undertaken in the sequence laid down produces the described result, product or outcome. Following a procedure should produce repeatable results for the same input conditions.

Procedures are also called instructions or sometimes recipes when they are recorded. They may also be known as methodss.

For example, baking a cake can be a procedure that consists of the following steps:

  1. Opening the mix box.
  2. Mixing the batter.
  3. Pre-heating the oven.
  4. Putting the cake in.
  5. Removing it when it's done.

In mathematics and science, a procedure, or algorithm, is a sequence of tasks or calculations that accomplish some goal.
In computer science, procedure is a subprogram, generally one which returns or is intended to return no direct result to its caller.
In law, procedure is the body of law and rules used in the administration of justice in the court system, see: civil procedure and criminal procedure.

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