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A cake is a form of baked food, usually sweet. Cakes normally combine some kind of flour, a sweetening agent (commonly sugar), a binding agent (generally egg, though gluten or starch are often used by vegetarians and vegans), shortening (usually butter or margarine), a liquid (milk, water or fruit juice), flavours and some form of raising agent (such as baking powder).

Cake is often the dessert of choice for meals at ceremonial occasions, particularly weddings or birthday parties. The bride and bridegroom are the first to eat their wedding cake, often serving each other a piece in their fingers. For birthdays, a frosted cake, often with inscriptions in frosting and figural decorations, is covered with candles, which are blown out after the celebrant makes a wish.

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Cakes can be made using several different basic techniques:

Common varieties

Commonly made varieties of cake include:

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