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Princess Maria Louisa of Baden

Born Maria Louisa Auguste, Princess of Baden (24 January 1779 - 4 May (O.S.) = 16 May (N.S.) 1826) daughter of Prince Karl Ludwig of Baden and Amalia Frederica of Hesse-Darmstadt. She is known by other names and titles, Marie Louise Augusta of Baden or Empress Elizaveta (Elizabeth in English) of Baden, also Luise Marie Auguste Princess and Margravine von Baden and Luise Marie Auguste Grand-Ducal Princess and Margravine von Baden. She was thought of as a very beautiful woman, she loved magnificent jewellery and cloths.

Louise Marie Auguste converted from the Evangelical faith to Russian Orthodoxy in St. Petersburg on 9 May 1793 (O.S.) = 20 May 1793 (.N.S.) , receiving the name Elizabeth Alexeyevna (Alexejevna, Alekseievna, Alekseyevna, Alexeievna, or Alexeevna).

She married Tsar Alexander I of Russia (Grand Duke at the time) on 28 Sep 1793 (O.S.) = 9 Oct 1793 (N.S.) in St. Petersburg at the Winter Palace, when she was fourteen years old and Alexander was seventeen. Alexander and Elizabeth had two children, Maria (1799 - 1800) and Elizabeth (or Elizaveta) (1806 - 1808). After the last child's (Elizabeth) death, Alexander pronounced that there couldn't be more children, because that was the will of god.

When Alexander took a mistress (Princess Maria Naryshkina) and had children, Elizabeth (Louise) also took a lover, Prince Adam Czartoryski (who was Alexander's friend). Later on in life Elizabeth and Alexander got closer together. She died almost a year later after Alexander's death.