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Princess Maria Naryshkina

Maria Dmitrievna, Princess Naryshkina (1779 - 1854), born Maria Swiatopolk - Czetwertynska was the wife of Dmitry Lvovich Naryshkin (a hofmeister), the mistress of Tsar Alexander I of Russia and had three illegitimate children by him.

There children were Princess Zenaida Narishkina (18.5.1810), Princess Sophia Narishkina (1808, +18.6.1824), and Prince Emanuel Narishkin (30.7.1813, +31.12.1901). She was his Polish mistress for 13 years, since he was 19. Probably made princess by Alexander. Alexander left her at the end of his life and went back to his wife who suffered his infidelity and neglect for years.

She may be the princess who wrote a number is a very well-known Russian dance song "On the Hills" who was by a Maria Naryshkina (1766-circa 1802), daughter of an important courtier. Might be related to Natalia Narishkina (mother to Peter I of Russia). ~ Has some to do with Maria Naryshkina.

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