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Prince Georgy Yevgenyevich Lvov

Georgy Yevgenyevich Lvov (Георгий Евгеньевич Львов) (November 2, 1861-March 7, 1925), Russian statesman and provisional government leader from March 23 to July 21, 1917.

A prince, Lvov gained a degree in law upon graduation from the University of Moscow, then worked in the civil service until 1893. In 1905 he joined the liberal Constitutional Democratic Party and a year later won election to the first Duma. He became chairman of the All-Russian Union of Zemstvos in 1914.

After Tsar Michael II of Russia abdicated, Lvov became the first head of the Provisional Government, but soon resigned amid mounting anarchy. After the Bolsheviks took power they placed Lvov under arrest, but he escaped to Paris, France, where he spent the rest of his life.

Preceded by:
Tsar Michael II of Russia
Russian incumbents Succeeded by:
Aleksandr Kerensky