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Press secretary

Press secretary is a senior White House position, one step below cabinet level. The press secretary is the primary spokesperson for the Administration. Responsibilties center around collecting information about what is happening inside the Administration and around the world, and getting that information to the press corps in a timely and sensitive fashion. This includes things like a summary of the President's schedule for the day, who the President has seen, called or had interactions with, and disseminating the official position of the Administration on the news of the day. The press secretary traditionally also fields questions from the press corps, and sometimes even gives straight answers.

List of press secretaries

Scott McClellan (2003- )
Ari Fleischer (2001-2003)
Joe Lockhart (1998-2001)
Mike McCurry (1994-1998)
Dee Dee Myers (1993-1994)
Marlin Fitzwater (1989-1993)
James Brady (1981-1989)
Joseph L. Powell (1977-1981)
Ronald H. Nessen (1974-1977)
J.F. TerHorst (1974)
Ronald L. Ziegler (1969-1974)
George E. Christian (1967-1969)
William D. Moyers (1965-1966)
George E. Reedy (1964-1965)
Pierre Salinger (1961-1964)
James C. Hagerty (1953-1961)
Roger Tubby (1952-1953)
Joseph H. Short (1950-1952)
Stephen T. Early (1950)
Charles G. Ross (1945-1950)
Jonathan Daniels (1945)
J. Leonard Reinsch (1945)
Stephen T. Early (1937-1945)