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In the Star Trek universe, Praxis is a moon of the planet Qo'noS, the homeworld of the Klingon empire. Praxis was the key energy production and dilithium mine facility for Qo'noS until it exploded due to unsafe mining practices in the year 2293, blowing off a large chunk of the moon's material. This caused a ring to form around the planet, which endangered the entire Klingon empire before its destruction by a Klingon-Federation alliance, under the regulations forged in the Khitomer Conference.

The fictional moon of Praxis was introduced in the Star Trek movie Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country.

The Praxis is also a standardized test used in some U.S States for teachers entering a training program and entering the profession.

Praxis is a DIY retail chain in the Netherlands; it is part of Vendex KBB.

Praxis the word refers to the interplay of thought and action.